Energy of Love

Energy of Love? What is it?

This is a conversation I have often, one that inspires me each and every day to do what I do.

When we live in the power and Energy of Love, we live our lives with an open heart – ready to give and receive love in a way that is integral to the growth of the human spirit.

You see, we are living in a world often driven by what I call the Energy of Fear. Fear of being rejected, fear of not being noticed, or even seen and heard. Fear that we won’t be successful, fear of the unknown. Fear even of not finding a partner, and if you do – fear that it may not be the right partner. Fear as you may come to notice drives many of our decisions.

But when we live in the Energy of Fear, you may notice that it leaks out into other areas of your life. You might feel anger and resentment regularly, lashing out at others. You find yourself envious when others receive good news or when you are overlooked at work. You may even find you suffer from anxiety when the fear becomes out of control, questioning anything and everything.

When we live in that Energy of Fear, we aren’t able to lead with our hearts. We can’t always see those moments of needed kindness or live in a realm of gratitude. We often can find it hard to really show our love to others let alone give love to ourselves. Living in the Energy of Fear also keeps us from being truly connected to Source and the universe.

“But Marilyn,” you might be thinking, “I want that, I really do, but I don’t know how to live in the Energy of Love!”

The truth is you already do!  It may not be in every day or every moment, but you already have a piece of it living inside you.  Energy, like all living things, must be fed.  When you stop feeding the Energy of Fear, and focus instead on what it means to live in the Energy of Love, you will find that you will soon begin to shift. When you feed the Energy of Love, you are feeding your soul, strengthening your Awakened Women

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