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We are all wounded, people who have created habits in our lives as a way to cope with the hurt we suffered as children.

While these habits served us in keeping us safe when we were younger, our connection with others is survival-based, and how we show up in one area of life is typically how we showed up in all areas of our lives. When we begin to realize these habits no longer serve us, we are often left feeling dissatisfied and confused trying to navigate this new unknown territory.

As a Sourced Based Leadership Coach, I know how lonely that road can feel, and how easy it can be to feel stuck without knowing which way to turn to or to ask for help.  My commitment as a Relationship Coach is to help professional women gain the confidence to find the true version of themselves that they’ve hidden beneath layers of old scars.

  • Recognize when you are struggling with the Energy of Fear, and the habits it has created, letting go of what no longer serves you.
  • Explore the Energy of Love, and how it can open your heart with yourself and others, connecting in a way you didn’t know possible.
  • Strengthen communication skills to be able to fully express yourself your wants and needs in relationships
  • Enquire into your core values, and learn how to tap into them on a daily basis
  • Learn to love yourself fully once again, embracing the true Goddess hidden within.

As each individual struggles with different topics, I recognize that no coaching is the same, and can’t simply be boxed into an evergreen program.

Coaching Programs

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