What's Your Relationship IQ?

Find out your strengths & struggles in your relationships

How Good Are You at Creating Boundaries?

Learn your strengths and explore your weaknesses in creating boundaries

Imagine This...

You wake up each morning knowing your heart is open to the power and energy of love. You are grateful for the life you are leading and find joy throughout your day by focusing on all that is good. Gratitude is the pre-requisite to happiness!

  • Do you struggle with finding happiness and feel drained by anger, sadness, fear, or regret?
  • Have doubts about the direction your life is taking?
  • Is your marriage rocky or is your relationship with your children suffering?
  • Are you discouraged by the dating scene?
  • Are you still trying to get the approval of your parents or someone in authority?
  • Do you yearn to find confidence, clarity, peace of mind and a balance of work and life?

I can help!

I teach women about the importance of becoming their true, authentic, grateful self. I’ll guide you to find your gifts, know you are deserving, show up confidently, and use your voice to get what you need, and create a life you truly deserve.

“How much you love yourself will define how much you can let others love you.”

-Marilyn Sutherland