Monthly Membership Program

I’m excited you are here.

Get ready to rock your relationships.

What you get when you sign up:

  • Recurring Monthly Membership in Relationship School – you can start anytime.
  • 2 90-minute training sessions every month
    • Exact dates will be in your email – usually 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of each month. Unless it’s an emergency, you will know way in advance in our Community group, and email. 
    • Dates are also posted in our Community group.
    • When there is a 3 week break, I typically add another session – Tuesday or another day for people who usually miss our live class.
  • Link to Community group
    • Video of each session
    • PDF Handouts of Slides including the Exercise for each session to practice until the next class
    • Optional Audio Link when available
    • Links to videos we saw during class or other resources such as videos from Marilyn, articles, YouTube, Ted Talks
    • Community Discussion where you share wins and challenges, ask questions and get support, and give support to other members on our journey
  • During first month, you will complete several exercises in preparation for your VIP Coaching Session with Marilyn: 
      • Healthy Relationship Self-Assessment
      • Life Wheel Exercise
      • Review of Foundational Principles and rate yourself.
    • At the end of this process, covered in one or two coaching sessions, you will be clear of the key areas to focus on as you begin. As you make progress, we will modify your focus. 
  • Even when a topic doesn’t seem relevant, I weave things together so you never know when the perfect discussion will come up that is important for you to hear. I recommend you plan to attend sessions live or watch the video.

NOTE: You need a Facebook account to access our Facebook community. If you don't have one, you can create one just for this and send me a message letting me know that it's from you so I can invite you to join the community. This is how you will access all Relationship School materials and information such as video recordings, handouts, and other resources.

IMPORTANT: If we are Facebook friends, look for an invitation to join our community. Otherwise, please send a Facebook invitation to marilyn.k.sutherland.1 and then I'll add you to the group. Any questions? Just let me know.

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