Monthly Membership Program

I’m excited you are here.

Get ready to rock your relationships.

What you get when you sign up:

  • Recurring Monthly Membership in Relationship School – you can start anytime.
  • The Relationship School Intake coaching session
    • Complete a form identifying your top 3 relationship challenges – with a person, situation, or yourself (such as confidence, self-worth, etc.)
    • Complete a form where you assess your competency in several  relationship/communication habits that are essential for your relationship 
    • Review Relationship School Foundational Priciples
    • Book a one-on-one coaching session with Marilyn to debrief your results and set your “Learning Focus” for Relationship School. As you make progress, we will modify your focus. 
  • Two 90-minute training sessions every month
    • Exact dates will be in your email – usually 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of each month. Unless it’s an emergency, you will know way in advance in our Community Discussion, Calendar, email and – if at the last minute – text. 
    • When there is a 3 week break, I typically add another session – Tuesday or another day for people who usually miss our live class.
  • Link to Community Group
    • Video of each session
    • PDF Handouts of Slides including an Exercise (and sometimes a Worksheet) for each session to practice until the next class.  
    • Optional Audio Link when available
    • Links to videos we saw during class or other resources such as  articles, YouTube, Ted Talks
    • Community Discussion where you share wins and challenges, ask questions, get support, and give support to other members on our journey
  • Even when a topic doesn’t seem relevant, I weave things together so you never know when the perfect discussion will come up that is important for you to hear. I recommend you plan to attend sessions live or watch the video.

NOTE: You need a Facebook account to access our Facebook community. If you don't have one, you can create one just for this and send me a message letting me know that it's from you so I can invite you to join the community. This is how you will access all Relationship School materials and information such as video recordings, handouts, and other resources.

IMPORTANT: If we are Facebook friends, look for an invitation to join our community. Otherwise, please send a Facebook invitation to marilyn.k.sutherland.1 and then I'll add you to the group. Any questions? Just let me know.

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