Do you often say “yes” when what you really want to do is say “no”? Do you find yourself burnt out from over committing yourself to friends and family? Or maybe you doubt yourself when all you really want to do is speak up. Don’t worry because you aren’t alone!

Boundaries are hard in any given situation, but especially with those in your life whose opinions of you really matter. Whether is be a spouse or partner, a co-worker or a friend, boundaries are important aspect of any relationship.

Often times when we are children, we aren’t taught to speak about our boundaries.  Our parents might have forced us to hug someone, even if it made us feel uncomfortable. They might have yelled at us to “do what we say, not as we do”.  We might have been expected to act or do certain things without the ability to say “no”, all small little things that added up over the years and kept us from being able to speak, and even identify where our boundaries started and other’s ended.

This 4 hour webinar will teach you exactly what you need to know to change that habit and set clear boundaries and how to maintain them!


  • What are boundaries and the difference between a boundary and request
  • How to set and create clear boundaries
  • How to create requests to garner support from friends, family, and even co-workers and strangers.
  • How to recognize and begin to manage your energy and emotions so you show up in a way that matter to you
  • Simple techniques you can do in minutes so that you don’t lose your cool in challenging conversations

    Leave this workshop with knowledge of skills and tools you can immediately apply to create deeper connections with the people in your life!

    * This is a live zoom event, however if you are unable to attend the live version, no worries, the recording will be sent to you after the event!

    "I visited my brother and sister soon after learning about boundaries with Marilyn. They have a long-standing fight, so I had to see them separately. When they wanted to complain about the other, I said, "I love you both and don't want to discuss anything negative about either of you." They each honored my boundary and it's the first time in years that I had a great visit with each of them."

    -KG, 56, College Professor

    "I don't like discussing politics with my husband and he teases me by praising the politicians I don't like. He thinks it's funny, but it hurts my feelings. After Boundaries training, instead of complaining, I shared with him why it hurt me and now he hasn't teased me in several weeks. I'm grateful I learned how to share what I wanted respectfully so he heard me, and now we are being more loving to each other."

    -BJ, 58, Business Consultant