Coaching Makes a Difference.

PRIVATE COACHING – Amazing Coach and Caring Mentor

Marilyn is an incredibly talented, natural coach. Her guidance challenged me to think beyond just “the job search” and focus more on finding a position that would capitalize on my passions and strengths as an early childhood educator. She has not only been an amazing coach, but also a caring mentor. She continued to provide support and mentorship throughout the job search, helping me to evaluate opportunities and interview for roles. I really appreciated Marilyn’s support and guidance and would highly recommend working with her!

Hsiao-Ling Dawson
Early Childhood Educator

PRIVATE COACHING – Her Career Advice is Spot On

Marilyn Sutherland and I have worked together now on numerous occasions.

When I first met Marilyn, she was the HR Director for a group of companies, including a Dallas-based restaurant corporation. We were both part of the leadership team for the restaurant. She was always available for any human resource advice or regulation explanation I needed. Her commitment, and the fact that you could actually tell that she cared about every employee, was evident in every interaction.

Her abilities to communicate her point, and to help show others how to communicate, both by talking and listening, are amazing and incredibly helpful.

Recently I was on a job search myself and Marilyn came to mind. I contacted her online and she got right back to me. I found her knowledge and expertise to be an incredible help to me during the job hunt, resume creation/refinement and the always painful interviews. She helped me to see the hiring process from the perspective of the employer and how to clarify what is most relevant to the hiring company. This was instrumental to me understanding how to best communicate my skills and how they can benefit the potential employer. (And yes, the interview went very well. The hiring manager actually told me my “answers to his questions were amazing!”)

Marilyn has always been delightful to work with, and her career advice has been spot on! She helped me feel much more confident and prepared for the entire process. Because of her skills, knowledge, and attitudes, I can not speak highly enough of Marilyn!

Jon Schwarzenberger
Clearwater, FL

PRIVATE COACHING – More Feminine, Confident and Open with Others

In my first session with Marilyn, I shared that I wanted to have a partner. We explored how I could strengthen my feminine side, which I felt was necessary to be more of myself, but I didn’t know what to do. Marilyn recommended several simple changes which I took action on, such as
doing a daily mirror exercise, wearing makeup and buying a few clothes that were pretty colors and some feminine touches. In fact, after several weeks, my confidence in myself has clearly grown. I feel much more comfortable in my body and with myself. People say I look more radiant, happy and feminine and this is what I feel about myself as well. It’s a very good start for only one coaching session on the topic!

In my second session, I worked with Marilyn on the topic of my job situation. I was choosing between two offers, but actually it turned out that this wasn’t the real problem. It was that I needed to be heard, to speak out loud what I was really feeling, and have someone listen and show compassion to me.

Marilyn listened carefully and attentively, asking wise questions. She helped me to sort through
the chaos and led me lovingly to the core. I felt relieved, loved and cherished, which is very rare in my life. And this was possible only in our second personal session.

It was a wonderful experience to be understood by Marilyn. As a coach, she is a very warm, loving woman who deeply cared about me. Thus I was able to really open up, which has not been possible for a very long time. I can recommend her to anyone who wishes to work through a difficult decision, come to their heart, and feel loved and cherished in the process.

Wonderful, Marilyn! Many thanks!

Office Assistant, Germany

GROUP COACHING – Shift from Blame to Resolving Issues

I wasn’t sure if the Effective communication: Deeper Connection course was going to help in making a difference. When my spouse and I started, I was very much at a loss with the relationship. I blamed her for our issues.

I am amazed that in one weekend I learned more effective ways of communicating with my spouse, including self-observation and reflection. I now understand that I own my response. I have choices in how I react and I can react from a place of love and understanding. My spouse is most likely coming from a place of love or hurt and that perhaps another conversation needs to take place, such as a curious response.

In realizing that my reactions are totally on me, I must hold myself accountable for them if I want a more meaningful relationship with my spouse.

Before the weekend I was resigned to zero change in our situation. I would just keep paying the bills and waiting for a miracle. Now I see ways of resolving issues or at least discussing them productively.

Marilyn is a great listener and she tailors the coaching in a way that is pertinent to your situation.

Engineer, Texas

GROUP COACHING – Gratitude Practices Created Stronger Bonds with my Husband and Children

Marilyn is an amazing coach with a deep understanding of relationships. After struggling with a blended family, Marilyn showed me how to create a home that was more open and understanding. Her practices for gratitude created a stronger bond between me and my husband and also with my children.

Even more remarkable, my children’s bonds with each other have strengthened as well and they have been kinder and more loving to each other. Marilyn’s course has created an invaluable impact on my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Sara K.
Married for 9 years, Mother of 4 children ages 7-14

GROUP COACHING – Gained my Confidence in my Job Search

I signed up for the course because I had been out of work and we were struggling financially. My confidence and self-esteem were very low, mostly around re-entering the workforce.

At the beginning of the course, I completed a self-assessment of each area of my life. I rated several areas pretty low. I get a lot of satisfaction in work and Marilyn supported me to see that I defined myself through work. I hadn’t had a job in 2 years due to family illness which explained my feeling lost. During the course, I shifted my focus from work success to my whole life.

And, after feeling stuck for months, her coaching on finding a job has me in action on job hunting. I already have two interviews in the next week.

Through the coaching I gained my confidence and now, instead of taking whatever I’m offered, even if it isn’t a good fit, I am being selective. Instead of being ashamed I’m out of work, I am reaching out to my network for support. This course has definitely helped me with my job hunt and my confidence.

Communications Director, Virginia

PRIVATE COACHING – Getting the Support I Needed from my Husband

Marilyn helped me through a difficult time when I was grieving.

My husband wanted to support me, but the ways he tried to support me made me feel upset and angry. Marilyn helped me come up with the words and the ways to explain to him how he could support me that worked for me.

Her listening, and then coaching, of me, really helped me find the right words and it worked! We were able to go out to dinner and a movie after I told him what I needed. We had a really nice connection. And it has changed our communication when I want him to support me emotionally.

Marilyn is a great listener and a very wise coach about relationships. I highly recommend her.

Laura Cornell, PhD
Founder of Divine Feminine Yoga

PRIVATE COACHING – Setting Boundaries and Dating after 20 years

After 2 private sessions with Marilyn, I realized I’m letting my life pass me by. I have 7 siblings who always want my help. Now I realize that just because my siblings ask, doesn’t mean I have to do it. I can say “No” and step back from them. My sister is always trying to put me in the middle of her relationship. I told my sister and her boyfriend I am out of their relationship and now, if she tries to tell me about her boyfriend, I remind her that it’s not my business. I’ve never done that before. I am finally setting boundaries. I feel better about myself. I removed the drama out of my life and have peace now.

I’ve been afraid to open the door into my life since my husband died 20 years ago. I have avoided talking to men, even at church. I’m starting to open the door and rays of sunshine are coming into my life. All I have to do is step out into my life and get it.

UPDATE one year later:

Last year, Marilyn encouraged me to talk to men just to get me comfortable talking to men who are not my brothers! I did that and now I’m able to have conversations with men at church, at the grocery store and other places. I’m more open. In the last few months, I started going out on a few dates and one man was very interested, but I’m not interested in getting serious. I just want to meet new people and have some new experiences. I’m proud of myself.

Andi C., Medical Technician
Widow for 20 years, has not dated since losing her husband

GROUP COACHING – Speaking from Love not Resentment with my Husband

I had a private coaching call with Marilyn as part of my group coaching program. The call was lovely, encouraging, and inspiring, I admitted to, and learned, some important dynamics that I need to work on.

The main focus was my approach to my husband. I described my approach as more dictator style than anything. I had a lot of resentments I’ve held on to over the years and I hadn’t let them go and forgiven him and myself for being resentful.

I’m kind and generous at work, but I was not with my husband, the man I love who I’ve been married to almost 30 years. I became very clear that it’s time for me to change and start speaking from love, not resentment. In the weeks since my coaching call, we were finally able to work together to get a second house ready to rent. I’m excited and see so many new possibilities for feeling closer to him in the future.

Thanks to Marilyn’s combination of humor, compassion, loving directness (just the right touch), and wisdom, I am letting go of old habits that don’t work and I am changing. I feel how committed she is to support me and everyone else in the course. She is so, so inspiring. I’m proud to be in this group.

53, Washington DC, Project Manager

GROUP COACHING – Marilyn Never Gave Up on Me or Us

Marilyn’s commitment to me and her caring about my quality of life (I’m dealing with an autoimmune disease) was amazing. Her listening is impeccable. She knew exactly what to say that worked to create an opening and freedom for me and my husband in each situation we dealt with.

I feel beyond blessed that she took a huge stand for our relationship. How lucky am I to have someone with such a strong commitment to our, and our son’s, happiness and futures. She created a space in the course and led us with the greatest compassion and care to a place of growth, peace, love and a breakthrough that we never thought would happen. Marilyn never gave up on me or us.

Sarah B.