What is Relationship School?

Let’s face it. Most of us never learned the essential relationship and communication skills we need to navigate our complex romantic, family, friendship, and work relationships… and our relationship with ourselves plus the uncertain times we are living in.  Whew!

(P.S. It was always uncertain but now we are painfully aware it’s uncertain!)

We should have learned all the essential skills for how to get along in school… or from our parents, but most of us didn’t.  Skills like:

  • How to be curious and keep that sense of wonder and play that we had as kids.
  • How to be brave especially if we are afraid and worried about failing or being judged..
  • How to love ourselves and our perfect imperfections.
  • How to accept others and be kind, knowing we all our wounded.
  • How to know when and how to trust others, ourselves, and Spirit, Source, God, or Universe.
  • How to make powerful requests, set boundaries, manage our emotions
  • … and so much more.

What would your life be like if you had the confidence to navigate the difficult situations, knowing you can trust yourself to work it out?

Often we have developed ways of navigating life that are based on decisions we made as a child when we were trying to either be safe, or get love, or both. I call these “Survival Habits,” because they helped us survive fear such as when our parents were fighting, when we were in trouble, when we were teased or bullied, or felt ashamed, or feeling like we were not good enough.

Common “Survival Habits” we practiced over and over included:

  • pretending we were okay when we weren’t, lying
  • avoiding blame and responsibility by blaming others
  • being self-critical or pushing ourselves to be the best
  • being nice to others (parents, siblings, friends, and teachers) so they like us.

Even when we know our skills don’t work, we often don’t know what else to do!  And buying a book to learn can make it worse – because we don’t know how to successfully practice and integrate the new skills into our daily life, and maybe feel like a failure for not figuring it out.  For example, if you are trying to learn to be grateful and when you aren’t, you criticize yourself, then guess what you are actually practicing?  You are practicing being judgmental not grateful. Ouch!

This is why it’s hard to learn mastery of relationship and communication skills on your own.

And sometimes those survival skills do kind of work. We are successful – we get promoted, are known as someone who gets things done, our kids are successful – but the skills we rely on are based in the Energy of Fear (surviving) rather than the Energy of Love and Source (nurturing our body, heart, and soul).

Our success can be a full self-expression of our love of life or a way to be seen and loved by being a “Pleaser,” who puts everyone else’s needs before our own, trying to prove we are “enough,” rather than giving from a joyful heart.  We are faking it – and we feel like an imposter. 

This is a major source of burnout, as a parent, a daughter, a friend, and at work as an entrepreneur, employee or leader.  Why?  Because we are not being our true self, and pretending is exhausting.  And when people tell you they love you, you can’t let the love in because you know they don’t know who you really are.

What if you were able to know your gifts, love yourself, and accept yourself as you are?         

What if you could live in the Energy of Love, knowing you are enough, you belong, you have the right to speak up, be heard and be loved? 


Relationship School is an ongoing group membership program. When you join, you’ll have an initial call with me and we (you and I together) will identify your challenges so you know what to focus on.

Twice a month there’s a 90-minute class with a live teaching (or a recorded teaching to view before the class) on some essential skill that will help us navigate life.

Attend live and you can share ask questions and get coaching.  Listen to others share in person or on the recording, and it deepens your understanding to see how others see things.

By the end of every session, you’ll have something to practice in between sessions (usually two weeks) so you can begin to integrate the teaching into your life.  The more you practice, the faster you master it.

We also focus on skills for connecting more deeply with yourself – self-observation, self-love, self-confidence, self-kindness, practicing being present in this moment, being grateful, and recognizing that your words have power, and deepening your connection to the sourced energy you are – heart, soul and spirit. These are also examples of some of the skills that are practiced naturally every week that can transform our experience of life.

Show up (live or watch the recording); post in our Community to share, ask questions and get support; practice the skills on your own and report back; and grow!

Each session is self-contained so you are never behind, and you can always go back to watch/listen to a prior teaching, review the slides, and get access to supplemental resources.

if you need support, reach out to our community and ask for what you need. Tag me and I’ll respond and members also can give you support and encouragement. You are not alone.

Want to find out more? Sign up for the Breakthrough Discovery Session.

As with all my offerings, we will move forward if you feel comfortable with me, and I believe I can help you.

If you want to join and don’t have any questions, click here for a summary of the program features and sign up.  If it’s not right for you, we’ll find out when you meet with me in our first session so no worries.

And if you want private coaching instead of, or in addition to, Relationship School, no problem. Having one or two private coaching session a month where you are getting personal attention from me speeds up your ability to develop the skills you need giving you faster results.

Any other questions? Sign up for the Breakthrough Discovery Session or send me your question using the Contact form.

P.S. And ask me about my VIP Magic Relationship Program – a 4-session program – where we do a deep dive regarding your challenges, dreams, relationship skills, and an assessment of your life. Then we pull it all together so you’ll be crystal clear where you stand and what you need to work on.

I’m looking forward to speaking with you.  I’m a hands-on coach. I tailor what I do to you individually. I’m loving, safe, and I will stand for your breakthrough even when you are afraid. Relax. Things are about to shift.

This is Whole Self and Whole Life Coaching

As a Relationship and Communication Coach, we can address both personal and professional challenges. You will get clear what is important to you so you can  achieve your goals and get unstuck in your journey. 

Coaching is about understanding where you are, where you want to go, then designing a path together to get you there.  As you start taking new actions, old habits of thinking, feeling, acting and speaking will show up.  Often, your journey isn’t just about one particular challenge even though that’s where we begin. It’s about who you are for yourself and how you show up in life with others.

I’ll be with you every step of the way as you design new habits that will  have you reach new levels of presence, clarity, and confidence.

Typically, my client is a heart-centered professional woman who wants to be her best self in love, work, and life. She may want to work on her love or personal relationship, her work relationships, leadership skills or other situations. This is Whole Self and Whole Life coaching. The same challenges with love relationships usually show up in her roles as a leader or influencer. To elevate, she may work on her relationship to herself, such as her beliefs, emotional habits/reactions (such as resentment, anger, shame, resignation, etc.). her willingness to be vulnerable, her confidence and self-worth,  or her right to speak up and be a leader in her life. She will develop new relationship and communication skills that will create deeper connections in her personal and professional relationships. She will be comfortable in her own skin, confident about how to navigate previously challenging situations,                          and proud of who she is becoming.

How do you want to show up?


When we work together, our relationship will be:

A Partnership

You and I are committed partners responsible for establishing and maintaining the coaching relationship. We work together – client and coach – as equals. Our relationship is built on mutual respect.  As the client, you are responsible for guiding the coaching agenda, practicing the learning you choose to do between sessions, and providing feedback. As your coach, I am responsible for designing a safe space (in group or private sessions) so you can discover and practice the skills most important to you in accomplishing your goals. 


Coaching is an evolving, iterative process where you bring your life to the coaching conversations and then bring the awareness, learning, and openings from coaching into your life.


What you practice grows stronger! What you practice becomes a habit – so we focus on developing kind, loving, confident, and healthy relationship and communication habits. We start where you are and you build competency in your awareness, understanding, and practicing of new habits to be your best self. Practice includes having your body and heart learn new habits not just your mind.

Simplicity and Execution

We will create realistic on-going practices that will support you in creating new relationship and life habits.  The point of our work is for you to develop competencies and make sustainable changes to be more of who you are. When you see the impact in your relationships, with yourself and others, you will be more willing to change.

Learning Focused

Coaching is focused on growing your relationship and personal competencies so you have more confidence and capacity in your relationships, especially with your partner(s), family, colleagues and with yourself.

Acceptance, Curiosity, and Presence

Practicing letting go of criticism of others and yourself creates the opportunity for self-awareness and curiosity on your journey. Acceptance of others and yourself opens up the possibility of being present.  When you are present, love and compassion can arise.  Love is Acceptance!

Being More of Your Whole Self

Coaching addresses your whole self – past, present and future – and your life – your romantic, personal, and work relationships, and your relationship to yourself. My commitment is for you to integrate and align your thoughts and beliefs, your feelings, body sensations, what you say and what you do with who you really are (your “True Self”). You will develop confidence and a sense of being home with yourself as you better understand yourself and others. You will be aware of what is working and create new ways of functioning in the world as you become more of who you are – aligned and open-hearted, effective and fulfilled.

Personal & Customized

In private coaching, we explore and experiment with new ways of working together that meet your needs and are personal and customized to you. The more willing you are to share and try on learning, the more I’ll understand you (and you will understand yourself, too).  My goal is for you to integrate your learning so it is your self-expression, not something to do! 

Marilyn never gave up on me or us.

Marilyn’s commitment to me and her caring about my quality of life (I’m dealing with an autoimmune disease) was amazing. Her listening is impeccable. She knew exactly what to say that worked to create an opening and freedom for me and my husband in each situation we dealt with.

I feel beyond blessed that she took a huge stand for our relationship. How lucky am I to have someone with such a strong commitment to our, and our son’s, happiness and futures. She created a space in the course and led us with the greatest compassion and care to a place of growth, peace, love and a breakthrough that we never thought would happen. Marilyn never gave up on me or us!

Sarah Bentley, Chiropractor

How does Private Coaching Work?

You can work faster and deeper in private coaching – we can meet weekly, every other week, or another schedule that supports you – and focus specifically on you.  We’ll create a package for you to get the support you want and can afford.  It can be an add-on to Relationship School or another program or a stand-alone.

Not sure?  Read about working with me at the top of this page so you can get a sense about what it might be like and read about Relationship School and see if that could be a part of your coaching support.

If you are ready to see how we could work together, book a Breakthrough Discovery Session and we’ll see how we could work together.

If we’ve already spoken and now you are ready, use the Contact form and I’ll send you the link to register.

 Ready for a change? I’m here for you.


Click below to schedule either the “Brief Chat with Marilyn,” an initial 20-minute call so we can see if we connect and are comfortable to move forward, or schedule the “Breakthrough Discovery Call,” a 30-minute call where you complete a short form so we can start exploring your challenges and how we could move forward.

Both sessions are complimentary and will help you see how you could reach your goals working with me.

P.S. If we’ve spoken before and you want to move forward now, just send me a message here: https://LoveLeadConnect.com/Contact and let me know what you want. 

I can’t wait to get to know you and support you in your journey to a more fulfilling life by mastering essential relationship and communication skills. 


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