How It Works

Communication is important in any relationship, whether it be romantically or with friends, family, and co-workers. Join Marilyn in an engaging, welcoming environment as you learn mastery of key communication skills to create stronger and more meaningful relationships in your life. Engage through group sessions, private coaching, self-study and practice in your daily life, sharing in our private/secret Facebook group, and a 3-Day Live Event in Dallas that will elevate the new healthy habits you are personally working on.

Course Topics

Life and Skill Assessments

Assess your satisfaction in various areas of your life to help you identify your goals. Other assessments include Conversational Differences, Personality, Love Languages, and more.

Connecting and Responding

In any moment you are pushing people away or pulling them towards you. We’ll practice Intentional Connection and ways to respond to create deeper connections in love and work. Small daily steps can lead to big changes. This is one of the critical new practices and we begin with the first session so you have the entire course to practice.


Trust isn’t a feeling; it is a judgment (hopefully based on facts) that help us determine if we can count on someone to do what they say and say what they do. Self-observation helps us see if we are setting people and judging them unfairly or if we are causing them to distrust us!

Foundational Communication Skills

Practice critical skills (“Healthy Habits”) for successful communication that we will practice throughout the program include Self-Observation, Kindness/Compassion, Inquiry, Being Present, and Deliberate Practice as well as our unconscious habits that push love away (“Whopping Mistakes”).

Emotional Habits

Through feedback you have received from others and self-observation, you’ll begin to seeyou’re your emotional habits push people away and will learn strategies to observe and stop it so you can do something different.


Everyone talks about the benefits of gratitude but most of us do not focus on being grateful throughout our day. Giving up complaining and criticizing and finding the good in each moment changes our brain chemistry and allows us to be more creative and happier. What you practice grows stronger so you want to practice being grateful, for oxygen to breathe, for the breeze on your face, for a cup of tea that warms you, and for someone opening the door for you. Gratitude changes your brain chemistry; it’s not magic, it’s science!

Create the Communication Outcomes You Want in the Course

Clarify your goals for the course related to a key important relationship, create an initial plan for focus in your first private coaching session, and bring a skill from each session to elevate your interactions with them.

Conversational Differences

A major issue is when we are present to other’s differences and feel threatened about getting what we want. Although there are some commonalities based on gender, cultural and personality differences, Our expectations, fears, wounds from the past shape our experience life. In the end, we are all unique, one-of-a-kind. No one has had your exact life experiences up til today. new navigate this by practicing acceptance and respect in our communication while also honoring our own needs.


We cannot make others do what we want. When we are resentful, the negative emotion poisons us. When we forgive, we release the pain we have and can think more clearly about how to move forward. Forgiveness requires compassion for yourself and the other person.

Creating Partnership

Select a key relationship where one or both of you have a disconnection (such as frustration or resentment). You will create partnership with a Key Relationship, where you both can be heard, practicing the healthy habits you’re learning.

Requests vs Demands

We want something – how we ask for what we want can be a demand (“Do it or else?”) or a request that can engage the person to support us (partner, kids, colleagues, boss, everyone). We’ll discover the way to make a clear request that has the best chance of getting it done in a way that will work while being respectful.

Empathetic Listening

Listen in a way that people feel heard. Acknowledge their pain. Listen with non-judgment. Connect with them in a way that shows you care. Just listen and in the silence, they can hear what they are saying and work it out for themselves.

What to expect…

The course title isn’t sexy but the work is powerful and there are simple instructions to implement each lesson. You’ll discover several areas where you can make a small shift and you will begin to try new ways of thinking, feeling, acting and speaking. By the end of this course, you will have integrated several new practices that will impact all your key relationships – your partner, children, family, friends, colleagues, and employees.

Here are the key aspects of this amazing course:


There are 6 weekly live group coaching sessions on-line (Zoom platform) for 90 minutes each plus.


At this training (approximately 20 hours of group and individual coaching) in Dallas, Texas, you will further integrate all your learning in the course, so the new practices become your new normal You do not want to miss it!


You’ll have 3 individual coaching sessions with Marilyn so she can tailor her coaching to your individual needs.


You will have access to call recordings, slides, practices, and resources to begin observing and exploring your current communication habits and practicing the new ones.


You will be part of the course Facebook Group where you post your practice answers and insights, ask questions and get support. The more you participate, the more powerful your results!


What is special about your coaching?

Everything we believe drives our feelings which drive what we say and do. Much of what we do are automatic habits that we’ve been practicing for years or even decades. Most of these are “survival habits,” that worked in a difficult situation when you are a child but are sabotaging you now, in love, work and/or life. We work to elevate all the different parts of you through self-awareness, inquiry, recognizing what doesn’t work, and creating new habits tailore to your needs to  achieve the quality relationships you desire. 

How can people have such fast results?

The course is designed to go beyond just educating you on the power of your current habits in shaping your experience of life. This course supports you in practicing new healthy relationship and communication habits that will not just change what you think, feel, say and do but transform who you are. Every week you are practicing foundational skills such as self-awareness, curiosity, and kindness for yourself and others, as well as other skills like intentionally connecting, assessing trust and more. As you practice, you start observing yourself and begin changing what you think, feel, say and do. Many times, when you change; the people around you change.

What if I start working with you and it's not working for me?

If you put in the time and effort to do the work, and you are in communication with me so we can make adjustments, if it really doesn’t work, I will refund your money. This program has a 2 week period for refunds. Be in communication with me and we’ll work it out. I want raving fans and we both want you to have a breakthrough! Bring an open mind, keep your eye on your dream results and be willing to take action and the rest will follow.

What if I don't have time to do the practices?

You don’t need to set aside a lot of time to do practices. If you can, be live on group calls and share on the calls and in our Facebook group. If you need help tailoring the course practices and assignments for you, we’ll come up with practices that make the most sense for you to practice. The point of practicing is to integrate new habits into your daily life. You can practice self-observation, curiosity, gratitude, self-compassion and kindness as you go through your day.  We’ll design something that will make sense for your goals and time.  


Marilyn never gave up on me or us.

Marilyn’s commitment to me and her caring about my quality of life (I’m dealing with an autoimmune disease) was amazing. Her listening is impeccable. She knew exactly what to say that worked to create an opening and freedom for me and my husband in each situation we dealt with.

I feel beyond blessed that she took a huge stand for our relationship. How lucky am I to have someone with such a strong commitment to our, and our son’s, happiness and futures. She created a space in the course and led us with the greatest compassion and care to a place of growth, peace, love and a breakthrough that we never thought would happen. Marilyn never gave up on me or us!

Sarah Bentley, Chiropractor

From Resentment to Love

I had a private coaching call with Marilyn as part of my group coaching program. The call was lovely, encouraging, inspiring, honestly brutal (in a positive way) and I admitted to, and learned, some important dynamics that I need to work on.

The main focus is my approach to my husband. I describe my approach as more dictator style than anything. I have a lot of resentments I’ve held on to over the years and I haven’t let them go and forgiven him and myself for being resentful.

I’m embarrassed that I’m kind and generous at work, but not with my husband, the man I love who I’ve been married to almost 30 years. I’m very clear that it’s time for me to change and start speaking from love, not resentment. In the weeks since my coaching call, we’re finally worked together to get a second house ready to rent. I’m excited and see so many new possibilities for feeling closer to him. And, after feeling stuck for months, I’m in action on job hunting and have two interviews in the next week.

Thanks to Marilyn’s combination of humor, compassion, loving directness (just the right touch), and wisdom, I am letting go of old habits that don’t work and I’m ready to change. I feel how committed she is to support me and everyone else in the course. She is so, so inspiring. I’m proud to be in this group.

Humbly Human,
Andrea, 43, Washington, DC

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