From Saboteur to Sage

Are you yearning to show up powerfully? To be seen, heard, and garner more respect? To create deeper connections in your relationships?

Do you try to control the situation and then the people involved resent you for dominating them?

Are you a “Pleaser” and say “Yes” when you want to say “No” so others will see and value you?

Are you a stickler about how things should be done and stress out yourself and others trying to make things perfect?

Have you tried all the books, and done several programs but nothing has worked?

Then From Saboteur to Sageis right for you!

This seven-week program is set up to identify your Saboteurs – those invasive thoughts that seem to stop you and get in your way from reaching those dreams of a life you’d truly love.

Saboteurs are developed most often when we were younger. They are ideas and habits we formed in order to feel and stay safe.  They were ways for our younger selves to deal with the stresses of life.  While those habits might have kept us calm in the moment, long term they lead us to feel stuck and burnt out, and they don’t actually solve the problem!

Saboteurs grow and strengthen themselves inside the Limbic area of our brain which controls the automatic survival habits we have grown comfortable with.  To break free from that never-ending cycle, and step into the life you want to live, it is imperative you learn how to stop those Saboteurs in their tracks.  When you learn to recognize and replace those Saboteurs with healthy habits that serve you, you move from the land of survival to the realm of the “Sage.”

To help you rewire those automatic ways of being, this group program will guide you through your challenges, gain insight into areas you may not have pinpointed before, and celebrate your wins, all within a safe and nurturing space.

Here's What You Get

  • Take the Saboteur Assessment to identify your Saboteurs to rate your competency in several relationship skills as they affect your top relationship challenges.
  • Intake Coaching session with Marilyn to debrief the Saboteur Assessment and Relationship IQ Quiz.
  • Access to the PQ App which has
    • 7 one-hour videos, cut into consumable bite-size portions and released each Saturday.
    • 3 five-minute Daily Focus videos
    • Free journal prompts
    • A gamified tracking system to support you in practicing.
  • Small, intimate community “Pod” group with a maximum of 8 participants
  • 7 Weekly Group Calls to go over that week’s lesson.
  • Free PDF version of Positive Intelligence book by Shirzad Chamine
  • Program Completion Coaching Call at the end with Marilyn Sutherland

If you are interested in learning more about our From Saboteur to Sage with Private Coaching, please schedule a brief call to discuss with Marilyn