Have you heard this song by Wahkeena Sitka – called “Total Permission to Say ‘Yes’ to Life?” I invite you to listen to 3:25 minutes of the feminine desires of the heart that she is expressing with such joy!

Wow, when I heard this song, it took my breath away.  It is what my heart yearns for. I listened several times to the lyrics so I could start to feel the transformation as I began to own these powerful statements and relax into their power, joy and freedom.

I know I have total permission to say “yes” to life, and yet… when I’m working on a deadline, I don’t listen (and honor) my desires that conflict with getting work done, or … I get distracted, waste time, and resist the desire to complete the work. If you are a mother with children at home (and especially with toddlers), how do you do your job with integrity, be there for your children and say “Yes” to freedom, liberation or sexuality. 

If you listen to the song or read the lyrics and say “I know this is possible” but you are not living these lyrics then you don’t really know. When we really know, we embody the learning. For example, knowing how to lose weight does not have anything to do with losing weight. These are two different worlds. I want to challenge you to actually know this is possible.

If you listen to the words, some of these declarations will make your heart expand and other statements may have you feel yourself contract.

Why is it so difficult to embrace some of these delicious ideas? One reason is because we were told negative statements from parents, siblings, bullies, and exes. They were mean and disrespectful to us and now we hold those as the truth of who we are – not enough or rejected.  We fail to distinguish their statements as something said in anger, jealousy, fear or shame on their part. We must own our innocence, beauty, joy, sensuality or other innate feminine divine qualities as the truth for us…. and release those negative statements we heard that now are limiting beliefs that keep us from knowing who we truly are.

Something else I noticed when I listened is I don’t have to reject any experience even if I don’t experience it now. You might start with the first line when she says “I give myself total permission to follow my heart.” You might think “No, I don’t give myself total permission to do anything and I can’t. If I did, I would watch Netflix all day and eat chocolate.” Any of these qualities are possible for us and we don’t have to reject them. When we do, it forces us into an “Either-Or” world. Either I give myself total permission all the time or I never do it. We can live in a world of “Both” or even “All is Possible” rather than only one condition or the other.

We don’t have to reject anything; we can embody these qualities while we are working, parenting, driving, and shopping. You can feel sensual when you are picking out produce.

The absence of any of these experiences is an opportunity to inquire and restore our God-given right to love ourselves and therefore, to love others and let love in. We don’t have to do anything perfectly to claim it. We can own the possibility of it in our life. I am giving you total permission to give yourself total permission!

If you already listened to this song, I invite you to listen again and see which statements make your heart sing, and which you deny.  The opportunity is for Wahkeena Sitka’s words to activate your Goddess within.

to listen to my desires
to love myself completely
to make myself happy & joyful
to be deeply fulfilled
and live in purposeful ecstasy.

My body is an Open & Receptive temple for Divinity, Joy, Bliss, Fulfillment & Soulful Purpose to embody within.
I give myself COMPLETE PERMISSION to turn myself on
to bathe in love
to embody the grace & wisdom of feminine divinity.

I am an activated Goddess overflowing with an abundance of Love, Joy, Bliss, Self-Love, Wisdom, Life Force Energy & Soulful Healing
I say YES to Fulfillment
I say YES to Heart Wisdom
I say YES to Authentic Desire
I say YES to Joy
I say YES to Creativity
I say YES to Sensuality
I say YES to My Soul’s Purpose
I say YES to Sexuality
I say YES to Abundance
I say YES to Freedom & Liberation
I say YES to LIFE.

If you are struggling to receive these juicy, delicious lyrics, I encourage you to take some time to listen again and even sing along and see which phrases or words trigger you into saying ‘No” to Life.  There is a belief about yourself, others or life that is being challenged.  You can change your beliefs – they are thoughts that have become habits but they are not permanent.  Notice the following when you are resisting one or more of the lines in the song:

  • What belief do you have that the words violate?
  • What thoughts arise when you hear/say a line?
  • What negative feelings arise (or are triggered) when you hear a line, such as anger, sadness, fear, surprise, shame, embarrassment, or disgust?
  • What does your “Inner Judge” say to you that is critical?

The more I listened, the more joy I felt in singing these words.  I read it out loud to some of my clients and I felt so alive reading the words.

Feeling stuck?  Send me a note from my contact form – my website Contact form . Don’t deny yourself the right to own your Goddessness in all its expressions. You deserve this.