Beginning March 2020, our world has changed.  The situation feels unreal – a worldwide pandemic sounds like a movie script but it is real. And it feels more unreal as it continues.

We’re the CO-STARS! What do I mean?  We are all in this together. The need for prevention is two-fold – so you will not get infected AND so you will not unknowingly infect others if you have it and don’t have symptoms!

This is an incredible opportunity for us as individuals, families, communities, organizations, countries and the world to make changes for the betterment of all. To be thoughtful of others we don’t know and do our part to protect them and their family.  If you have family members who are far away, don’t you want people in their community to be responsible so your loved ones are safe?

The Director General of World Health Organization, says “The spirit of human solidarity must be more infectious than the virus.”  To  ensure we all work together to keep each other safe and stop the virus, we must manage our MINDSET.

Fear and stress shut down our ability to think with clarity and make smart decisions. We must think clearly because we need to create new behaviors when we are outside our home, interacting with others and when we bring items from the outside into our home.

What can you do?

  1. Acknowledge that you are afraid. You don’t have to hold on to fear or worry but if you don’t see that you have it, then your fear has you. Sometimes I feel a low level of agitation with the uncertainty of our future. It shows up as a jittery feeling in my chest and I’m breathing shallow. Most people have some reaction and it’s totally okay. Our normal life is not normal anymore and uncertainty for most people triggers anxiety and fear.
  2. Be thoughtful about the new habits you need to be safe.  My biggest challenge is not touching my face until I wash my hands!  What is your biggest challenge? Support your family members to follow safe habits.
  3. Practice the new habits. Have compassion for yourself and everyone else. We are all in this together. Everyone is dealing with this global pandemic.
  4. Manage your mind! We often have no control over what is happening but we have everything to say about how we react. (See the blog “What’s Your Juice?”)  We don’t have to be a victim of the situation and feel powerless.
  5. Breathe…  Slow in-breath, Slower out-breath. I use this all the time to calm my mind and body in a moment of stress. It’s the biggest gift we have to manage our mindset and manage our emotions.
  6. Be grateful! Gratitude is a critical practice to flip us from fear and worry to peace and love. How?  By focusing on all that we appreciate and looking for the blessings.  I am grateful for all the people delivering food and products to us so we don’t have to go outside.  I am grateful for all the health care workers, police, firemen and people keeping our internet and electricity going while we are safe at home.

Knowing I’m doing the very best I can do, I relax and focus on what I have.  The more you are grateful and feel the gratitude, the more appreciation and joy you feel. And the easier it is to relax. I mean this.

I hope this supports you.  Do you want support to master these steps for getting through this time of uncertainty and post-Covid-19 life?

Wishing you love and peace as you navigate the new world we are now living in.