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What does it mean to be a



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When I started to write my book on the healthy habits needed to have intentional, fulfilling, loving relationships, I realized that my ideas for being a healthy woman were my expression of what it means to be a 21st century Goddess.

It’s not about looking like the Goddess Venus in the Botecelli painting “The Birth of Venus.” It not about being beautiful, having long wavy hair, and a curvy body. It’s being a loving partner in all our relationships. It’s about intentionally connecting, being present, speaking and acting positively rather than complaining all the time, appreciating the best in others, owning your reactions and not blaming others, and the list goes on.

I was exploring what it meant to be a woman when I began participating in community inquiries on being a Goddess hosted by my friend, Anne Peterson.

Anne assembled a group of diverse and amazing women (including me) who are Goddess Guides and we are building our community of women. We are exploring what it means to be feminine, be a woman, and be a Goddess individually and collectively.


We had our first retreat in June, 2019, in Puerto Vallarta. The experience was soul-nurturing, engaging, relaxing and fun. As a Guide, I led one of the explorations into how Disney fairy tales set us up to wait for our “Prince” to give us power, rather than to own our innate feminine power as we partner with our Prince.  Future live retreats will be scheduled so stay tuned.


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We are now doing online “Stay-cation” retreats.  With engaging topics for deeper inquiry and opportunities to learn from Goddess Guides and others about how to be fully ourselves in 2020.  Join the Goddess community, receive notice of my Goddess blogs and start to engage with the community about how to express your divine feminine energy in your daily life so you can fully express your Godessness in your unique and special way. 





It’s not about looking like the Goddess Venus.