I signed up for the course because I had been out of work and we were struggling financially. My confidence and self-esteem were very low, mostly around re-entering the workforce.

At the beginning of the course, I completed a self-assessment of each area of my life. I rated several areas pretty low. I get a lot of satisfaction in work and Marilyn supported me to see that I defined myself through work. I hadn’t had a job in 2 years due to family illness which explained my feeling lost. During the course, I shifted my focus from work success to my whole life.

And, after feeling stuck for months, her coaching on finding a job has me in action on job hunting. I already have two interviews in the next week.

Through the coaching I gained my confidence and now, instead of taking whatever I’m offered, even if it isn’t a good fit, I am being selective. Instead of being ashamed I’m out of work, I am reaching out to my network for support. This course has definitely helped me with my job hunt and my confidence.

Communications Director, Virginia