I wasn’t sure if the Effective communication: Deeper Connection course was going to help in making a difference. When my spouse and I started, I was very much at a loss with the relationship. I blamed her for our issues.

I am amazed that in one weekend I learned more effective ways of communicating with my spouse, including self-observation and reflection. I now understand that I own my response. I have choices in how I react and I can react from a place of love and understanding. My spouse is most likely coming from a place of love or hurt and that perhaps another conversation needs to take place, such as a curious response.

In realizing that my reactions are totally on me, I must hold myself accountable for them if I want a more meaningful relationship with my spouse.

Before the weekend I was resigned to zero change in our situation. I would just keep paying the bills and waiting for a miracle. Now I see ways of resolving issues or at least discussing them productively.

Marilyn is a great listener and she tailors the coaching in a way that is pertinent to your situation.

Engineer, Texas