I had a private coaching call with Marilyn as part of my group coaching program. The call was lovely, encouraging, and inspiring, I admitted to, and learned, some important dynamics that I need to work on.

The main focus was my approach to my husband. I described my approach as more dictator style than anything. I had a lot of resentments I’ve held on to over the years and I hadn’t let them go and forgiven him and myself for being resentful.

I’m kind and generous at work, but I was not with my husband, the man I love who I’ve been married to almost 30 years. I became very clear that it’s time for me to change and start speaking from love, not resentment. In the weeks since my coaching call, we were finally able to work together to get a second house ready to rent. I’m excited and see so many new possibilities for feeling closer to him in the future.

Thanks to Marilyn’s combination of humor, compassion, loving directness (just the right touch), and wisdom, I am letting go of old habits that don’t work and I am changing. I feel how committed she is to support me and everyone else in the course. She is so, so inspiring. I’m proud to be in this group.

53, Washington DC, Project Manager