Discover Deeper Love and Connection with Your Partner and the People You Care About

Do you:

  • Want a healthy, deep connection with your partner where you feel accepted, safe, known, and loved for who you are?
  • Want to deeply know you are worthy of love and have the confidence in yourself to show up in your most important relationships?
  • Want to stop automatically reacting over and over when you are triggered and instead act from kindness and clarity so you can trust yourself and connect deeply with your partner and others in your life (even the ones that drive you crazy)?

If you said “Yes” to any of the statements above, then it’s time for you to delve into learning about your “Love and Relationship Blueprint!”

What is your “Love Blueprint”?

Think about your Love Blueprint as a puzzle or map, compiled of everything that makes you who you are: your values, your expectations, your dreams, your beliefs and stories – positive and negative – about yourself/others/life (including your self-worth), what you think, your feelings, your actions, and your motivations for doing them.

You are aware of some of the pieces, yet others are unconscious habits, often from childhood. including all the negative stories you tell yourself and others about your worth, how others have treated you.

It’s the beginning of reconnecting and rediscovering more joy, passion and fulfillment in your relationship so you have the love you want and live life to the fullest with your partner!

This 9-week program focuses on your discovering and beginning to weaken your Saboteurs. It is designed specifically for woman like you who are seeking to have more awareness, freedom, and skills in your love relationships. We start with understanding the ways you sabotage yourself and your relationships in order to protect you from being hurt or disappointed.

Here’s what you will gain that will change how you show up:

● Self-awareness about your Saboteurs, the childhood habits that helped you survive difficult situations and feel safe. In adulthood, these childhood habits no longer serve you in your adult life.
● Having more self-worth and self-confidence in who you are as you learn more about how your Saboteurs leave you disconnected and stuck.
● When you recognize your Saboteurs are activated, having the power to “self-command” your mind to shift to your Sage Brain, and build new habits for loving relationships.
● Keep your eye on the prize: Your commitment to build Sage habits are literally building the new neural pathways to replace your Saboteur habits.

Imagine that when things do go wrong in the future, you will have the tools to diffuse/navigate the situation quickly.

Led by experienced relationship and communication coach Marilyn Sutherland, this program offers a sacred space for self-discovery, healing, and growth. You will be empowered to cultivate a love that transcends the ordinary and fills your life with joy, passion, and fulfillment.

Throughout this journey, you’ll embark on a deep dive into your own inner world, uncovering the beliefs, values, and behavioral patterns that shape your relationship dynamics. Through guided introspection, mindfulness practices, and soulful exploration, you’ll learn practical tools and techniques for recognizing the ways you sabotage yourself and your relationships and start to build new ways to communicate, express yourself and navigate the ups and downs of your relationship with grace and compassion.

What’s Included:

This program is designed to provide the support you need to build the relationships you desire:

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Awaken to the profound love that lies within you and rediscover the joy and fulfillment of a deeply connected relationship!

About Marilyn

Marilyn is passionate about empowering conscious, self-aware women to bring Goddess energy into their relationships and their life. When we know we are worthy of love and respect, we can stop trying to being safe and live in the energy of love. She has been the Relationship Goddess Guide for the Goddess Living Network since 2019, giving talks and training at several online Goddess Talks and at Goddess Getaway Retreats.

She shares what she’s learned from hundreds of women (and men) she has coached over the last 10 years plus from all the training and research she’s done for over a decade AND all the challenges she’s personally overcome by marrying for the first time at age 49 in August 1998. (And that means she’s now been married more than 25 years!

Marilyn unexpectedly fell in love with Chuck and a year after dating married and became an instant step-mom to five children aged 15-25 and an instant grandma to an 8-month old granddaughter. Now she has eight grandchildren from ages 14 to 26 and a great-grandchild. What an amazing and challenging journey!

Marilyn brings everything she’s learned and is continuing to learn personally and professionally to support women who are ready to Love, Lead, and Connect powerfully.

Her book “Why did you load the dishwasher like that? 9 Whopping Mistakes that Push Love Away” is about how we push love away in our relationships and ways we can connect more deeply with others, heal ourselves and our relationship.