Are you afraid to ask for what you want and speak up with confidence?  

Do you feel lost when you try to set a boundary? 

Do you often say “yes” when you really want to say “no”?  

Do you find yourself burnt out from over-committing to friends and family?  

Do you put others first and what you want comes last? 

Don’t worry because you aren’t alone! 

Boundaries can be challenging to set in general, but especially with people you care about. Whether it be a spouse or partner, a co-worker, boss, or a friend, boundaries are an important aspect of any relationship. 

When we are children, we aren’t usually taught how to set boundaries. Our parents might have forced us to hug someone, even if it made us feel uncomfortable.  Were you told to “Be nice” even when another kid was verbally or physically bullying you?  What about when family you didn’t know well came to visit and they pinched your cheeks, hugged and kissed you? 

As children, we might have been expected to act or do certain things without the ability to say “no”. Over the years, most of us no longer knew what we wanted or were too afraid to speak up, much less set a boundary and hold it.  

Attend this 45 minute Webinar which will help you understand why it has been so hard to set and maintain boundaries and what it will take to be a “Boundary Master.” 

Here’s What You Will Learn:

  • What are boundaries? 
  • Why is it important to set and hold boundaries? 
  • Why is it hard for you to set or hold boundaries? 
  • Why is it hard for others to honor your boundaries? 
  • What’s the difference between setting a boundary and making a request?  
  • Types of Boundaries  
  • Areas of Life  
  • 4 Key Steps to set clear – and hold – boundaries in the Energy of Love 

And in the process, you’ll expand your capacity to: 

  • Realize you unconsciously trained people how to interact with you so you can train them. Now you can consciously train people how to treat you. 

Intestest in our Introduction to Boundaries Workshop?

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