Celebrate Your Journey, Not Just Your Arrival

When I enter the ten-foot-long hallway to my office, I practice walking slowly and feeling my feet on the floor.  I'm practicing a "Tiny Habit" to be more mindful instead of rushing around.   It’s a tiny habit because it takes a few seconds not even a minute. (See...

Are you a Goddess? (Find out why you are.)

When I ask women “Are you a Goddess?,” most woman will say, “No, I’m not a Goddess.”  After exploring their response, they often see that they are comparing themselves to an image of a goddess such as in the famous painting “The Birth of Venus” by Botticelli. Do you...

This new normal of uncertainty & how to relax

Are all the changes you are making in our "new reality" having you more reactive that you normally are?  Are your relationships with family, friends and work colleagues being impacted?  Are you more emotional? I have always cried when I read or watch touching stories...

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Episode 11, “The Way to Sweeter Juice with Marilyn Sutherland

Marilyn sat down with Lucas Peterson about, as he said, some tips & tricks on better communication, stress, and conflict.

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