What can we learn from Simone Biles putting herself first?

Why did Simone Biles withdrew herself from the US women's gymnastic team yesterday after one rotation? Anticipated to win the team gold medal, without Biles, the team placed second. She knew that she was not in the right "headspace," feeling like something was off....

PRIVATE COACHING – Wow! I am lighter, happier, and more focused

“Wow. I don’t know what you did to me yesterday, but I am lighter, happier, and more focused. I feel like a load has been taken off my shoulders. I thought you’d like to know. Thank you, thank you!” CH, Financial Adviser

PRIVATE COACHING – Amazing Coach and Caring Mentor

Marilyn is an incredibly talented, natural coach. Her guidance challenged me to think beyond just “the job search” and focus more on finding a position that would capitalize on my passions and strengths as an early childhood educator. She has not only been an amazing...

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Marilyn sat down with Lucas Peterson about, as he said, some tips & tricks on better communication, stress, and conflict.

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