Marilyn Sutherland and I have worked together now on numerous occasions.

When I first met Marilyn, she was the HR Director for a group of companies, including a Dallas-based restaurant corporation. We were both part of the leadership team for the restaurant. She was always available for any human resource advice or regulation explanation I needed. Her commitment, and the fact that you could actually tell that she cared about every employee, was evident in every interaction.

Her abilities to communicate her point, and to help show others how to communicate, both by talking and listening, are amazing and incredibly helpful.

Recently I was on a job search myself and Marilyn came to mind. I contacted her online and she got right back to me. I found her knowledge and expertise to be an incredible help to me during the job hunt, resume creation/refinement and the always painful interviews. She helped me to see the hiring process from the perspective of the employer and how to clarify what is most relevant to the hiring company. This was instrumental to me understanding how to best communicate my skills and how they can benefit the potential employer. (And yes, the interview went very well. The hiring manager actually told me my “answers to his questions were amazing!”)

Marilyn has always been delightful to work with, and her career advice has been spot on! She helped me feel much more confident and prepared for the entire process. Because of her skills, knowledge, and attitudes, I can not speak highly enough of Marilyn!

Jon Schwarzenberger
Clearwater, FL