In my first session with Marilyn, I shared that I wanted to have a partner. We explored how I could strengthen my feminine side, which I felt was necessary to be more of myself, but I didn’t know what to do. Marilyn recommended several simple changes which I took action on, such as
doing a daily mirror exercise, wearing makeup and buying a few clothes that were pretty colors and some feminine touches. In fact, after several weeks, my confidence in myself has clearly grown. I feel much more comfortable in my body and with myself. People say I look more radiant, happy and feminine and this is what I feel about myself as well. It’s a very good start for only one coaching session on the topic!

In my second session, I worked with Marilyn on the topic of my job situation. I was choosing between two offers, but actually it turned out that this wasn’t the real problem. It was that I needed to be heard, to speak out loud what I was really feeling, and have someone listen and show compassion to me.

Marilyn listened carefully and attentively, asking wise questions. She helped me to sort through
the chaos and led me lovingly to the core. I felt relieved, loved and cherished, which is very rare in my life. And this was possible only in our second personal session.

It was a wonderful experience to be understood by Marilyn. As a coach, she is a very warm, loving woman who deeply cared about me. Thus I was able to really open up, which has not been possible for a very long time. I can recommend her to anyone who wishes to work through a difficult decision, come to their heart, and feel loved and cherished in the process.

Wonderful, Marilyn! Many thanks!

Office Assistant, Germany