After 2 private sessions with Marilyn, I realized I’m letting my life pass me by. I have 7 siblings who always want my help. Now I realize that just because my siblings ask, doesn’t mean I have to do it. I can say “No” and step back from them. My sister is always trying to put me in the middle of her relationship. I told my sister and her boyfriend I am out of their relationship and now, if she tries to tell me about her boyfriend, I remind her that it’s not my business. I’ve never done that before. I am finally setting boundaries. I feel better about myself. I removed the drama out of my life and have peace now.

I’ve been afraid to open the door into my life since my husband died 20 years ago. I have avoided talking to men, even at church. I’m starting to open the door and rays of sunshine are coming into my life. All I have to do is step out into my life and get it.

UPDATE one year later:

Last year, Marilyn encouraged me to talk to men just to get me comfortable talking to men who are not my brothers! I did that and now I’m able to have conversations with men at church, at the grocery store and other places. I’m more open. In the last few months, I started going out on a few dates and one man was very interested, but I’m not interested in getting serious. I just want to meet new people and have some new experiences. I’m proud of myself.

Andi C., Medical Technician
Widow for 20 years, has not dated since losing her husband