This is Whole Self and Whole Life Coaching

As a Relationship and Communication Coach, Marilyn can address both personal and professional challenges. She helps you get clear what is important to you so you can  achieve your goals and get unstuck in your journey. 

Coaching is about understanding where you are, where you want to go, then designing a path together to get you there.  As you start taking new actions, old habits of thinking, feeling, acting and speaking will show up.  Often, your journey isn’t just about one particular challenge even though that’s where we begin. It’s about who you are for yourself and how you show up in life with others.

I’ll be with you every step of the way as you design new habits that will  have you reach new levels of presence, clarity, and confidence.

Typically, my client is a heart-centered professional woman who wants to be her best self in love, work, and life. She may want to work on her love or personal relationship, her work relationships, leadership skills or other situations. This is Whole Self and Whole Life coaching. The same challenges with love relationships show up in her roles as a leader or influencer. To elevate, she may work on her relationship to herself, such as her beliefs, emotional habits/reactions (such as resentment, anger, shame, resignation). her willingness to be vulnerable, her confidence and self-worth, and her right to speak up and be a leader in her life. She will develop new relationship and communication skills that will create deeper connections in her personal and professional relationships. She will be comfortable in her own skin and proud of who she is becoming.

How do you want to show up?


When we work together, our relationship will be:

A Partnership

You and I are committed partners responsible for establishing and maintaining the coaching relationship. As the client, you are responsible for practicing the learning and providing feedback. As your coach, I am responsible for designing a safe space (in group or private sessions so you can discover and practice the skills more important to you in accomplishing your goals. 


Coaching is an evolving, iterative process where you bring your life to the coaching conversations and then bring the awareness, learning, and openings from coaching into your life.


What you practice grows stronger! What you practice becomes a habit – so we focus on developing kind, loving, confident, and healthy relationship and communication habits. We start where you are and you build competency in your awareness, understanding, and practicing of new habits to be your best self. Practice includes having your body and heart learn new habits not just your mind.

Simplicity and Execution

We will create realistic on-going practices that will support you in creating new relationship and life habits.  The point of our work is for you to develop competencies and make sustainable changes to be more of who you are. When you see the impact in your relationships, with yourself and others, you will be more willing to change.

Learning Focused

Coaching is focused on growing your relationship and personal competencies so you have more confidence and capacity in your relationships, especially with your partner(s), family, colleagues and with yourself.

Acceptance, Curiosity, and Presence

Practicing letting go of criticism of others and yourself creates the opportunity for self-awareness and curiosity on your journey. Acceptance of others and yourself opens up the possibility of being present.  When you are present, love and compassion can arise.  Love is Acceptance!

Being More of Your Whole Self

My commitment is for you to integrate and align your thoughts and beliefs, your feelings, body sensations, what you say and what you do with who you really are (your “True Self”). You will develop confidence and a sense of being home with yourself as you better understand yourself and others. You will be aware of what is working and create new ways of functioning in the world that will directly impact your ability to achieve your personal and professional goals as you become more of who you are – aligned and open-hearted, effective an fulfilled.

Personal & Customized

We explore and experiment with new ways of working together that meet your needs and are personal and customized to you. The more willing you are to share and try on learning, the more I’ll understand you (and you will understand yourself, too). My goal is for you to integrate your learning so it is a self-expression, not something to do!

Marilyn never gave up on me or us.

Marilyn’s commitment to me and her caring about my quality of life (I’m dealing with an autoimmune disease) was amazing. Her listening is impeccable. She knew exactly what to say that worked to create an opening and freedom for me and my husband in each situation we dealt with.

I feel beyond blessed that she took a huge stand for our relationship. How lucky am I to have someone with such a strong commitment to our, and our son’s, happiness and futures. She created a space in the course and led us with the greatest compassion and care to a place of growth, peace, love and a breakthrough that we never thought would happen. Marilyn never gave up on me or us!

Sarah Bentley, Chiropractor

How does Private Coaching Work?

You can work faster and deeper in private coaching – we can meet weekly, every other week, or another schedule that supports you – and focus specifically on you. We’ll create a package for you to get the support you want and can afford.  

All my private coaching clients get Relationship School for women included at no additional cost. You can also add private coaching to your Relationship School to support you by getting specific coaching for you.

To begin, click on either button below: “Schedule a 30-minute Connect Call” or “Schedule a 90-minute Self-Assessment.”

On either call, you will let me know the challenges you are facing and what you want. Then we can explore how I could best support you in reaching your personal and/or professional goals as a lover and/or a leader! 

How does Group Coaching Work?

You’ll be part of a group of people who are moving through a course together. You’ll come together every week or every other week (depending on the program) to get training, share results from the last inquiry as well as other results, ask questions and get coached. You’ll be part of a private Facebook group where you’ll post assignment results, ask questions, share with and learn from other community members and provide mutual support. Marilyn will also actively participate in the group. Some of the courses can also have private coaching sessions as part of your course. (Click here to see what happens in these sessions.)

When you are ready for a change, I’m here.

-Click below to schedule either an initial call to get to know me or schedule the 90 minute Healthy Relationship Self-Assessment. Both are complimentary sessions that will help you see how you could reach your goals. 

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