Imagine what would your life be like if you had the confidence to navigate difficult situations, and create meaningful, trusting relationships guided by the power of your intuition.

Let’s face it. Most of us never learned the essential relationship and communication skills we need to navigate our complex romantic, family, friendship, and work relationships… and our relationship with ourselves.

Lessons that we didn’t learn as children about how to create and maintain our relationships often cause issues as we come to adulthood, such as:

  • How to love and accept ourselves and our “perfect imperfections”
  • How to accept others and be kind, knowing we are all wounded
  • How to know when and how to trust others, ourselves, and Spirit, Source, God, or Universe
  • How to make powerful requests, set boundaries, and manage our emotions
  • … and so much more,

Instead of learning these essential relationship skills from those around us, we typically focused on how to create a sense of safety, or how to get love. These “Survival Habits” helped us survive fear such as when our parents were fighting, when we were in trouble, when we were teased or bullied, or felt ashamed and not good enough.

Common “Survival Habits” we have practiced over and over in our daily lives include:

  • Pretending we are okay when we aren’t; learning we don’t have the right to tell others our truth or they would be hurt, angry, or reject us
  • Avoiding blame and responsibility by blaming others, which leaves us a victim
  • Being self-critical or pushing ourselves to be the best, yet still feeling like we are not good enough
  • Being nice to others (parents, siblings, friends, and teachers) and sacrificing what we want and need so they like us and won’t leave
  • Not knowing what we need, how to ask for it and not getting it, leaving us resentful.

What if you were able to know your gifts, love yourself, and accept yourself as you are? What if you could live in the Energy of Love, knowing you are enough, you belong, you have the right to speak up, be heard, and be loved?  

This is where Relationship School comes in, an ongoing group membership designed with and for women like you in mind! I created this for women who want to begin to wake up or are on the journey of the Awakened Woman and want support so they can live their best life. Is that you?

Do you have one or several relationships where you want to be yourself yet hold back to feel safe? What are you waiting for? Discover the Awakened Woman within you so you can live your best life.

You’ll learn to create healthy relationships and communication skills/habits with others and with yourself, such as:

  • Understanding Your Gifts and Talents
  • Boundaries Aren’t Just a Line in the Sand
  • Quieting your Inner Critic (Self-Kindness and Acceptance)
  • Learning to Trust Smart with Heart
  • Limiting Beliefs & the Struggle to Heal Old Wounds
  • What is Your Love Language?
  • Disney Effect – How Fantasy & Fairytales Affect Your Love Life
  • Gratitude Can Change the World
  • Shifting Your Vibration Into the Energy of Love

My commitment to you as a member is that you create and maintain vital and important skills that will last you a lifetime. To ensure that you gain the confidence, the practice, and the support you need, I have put together the following package for my members.

  • Bi-Monthly 90-minute LIVE Group Training Sessions -Each class is self-contained so that you are never left behind! ($600 Value)
  • Access to our Private Membership Community – engage with other members in a safe environment to share your wins, and learn from others’ experiences. ($200 Value)
  • Access to Training Session Video & Audio Recordings, Handouts, and Downloads ($150 Value)

A $950 Value now for only $250 Per Month!

As my free gift to new members, I also have added 1 FREE 60-Minute Intake Call. This call helps to identify your challenges and areas of focus during your Relationship School awakening journey ($350 Value).