Welcome to Relationship School!

Now that you are enrolled (Woohoo!), the next step is to set up your Relationship School Intake Call.
This call is critical to the work we do together.  It will help us identify the most important relationships, skills, or situations in your relationships where you want you are working on.  

There are 3 parts to the Intake Call:

Part #1 Schedule your call AND complete the first form with your 3 TOP relationship challenges with people (including your relationship with yourself), situations, or skills you know you need to improve right now. 

Part #2 – Take the “Focused Relationship IQ Quiz”. While this evaluation is similar to my Relationship IQ Quiz on my website, this is meant to focus on the top relationships, skills, or situations you are wanting to work on in Relationship School.

Part #3 – Fill out your Life Wheel.  Please complete this 48 hours before your call if possible. If your call is scheduled in less than 48 hours, please do asap and email me then text me.

I’m looking forward to supporting you in your journey to reach your heart’s desire!