Your Relationship IQ is average.

Your results show that while you have many of the skills you need to develop great relationships, you are also missing some important skills.

You probably have some deep and meaningful relationships in your life – while others are frustrating.

It’s human to have challenges in relationships. The benefit of the quiz isn’t really the rating of high, medium, or low. The value is in looking at those relationships that are important or impactful where you are not navigating things as well as you want so you can find a path forward to have the deeper connections you desire.

My commitment – whatever score you got – is to help you build healthy skills so you can have authentic communication and create delicious relationships. How can you know what to do if/when you have not been taught how to navigate your relationships, especially in challenging situations?

When you learn the skills, it’s so much easier to navigate these difficult relationships. I invite you to schedule a follow-up call with me so you can share with me your challenges and we can discuss how your current skills in those situations are sabotaging you. We will also see what skills you can build on so that you have more confidence and are more effective in your relationships!

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      Marilyn Sutherland has spent her life transforming the lives of thousands of individuals through coaching and consulting. She helps her clients identify habits that disrupt their life, so they can create and master the essential skills to have powerful, sustaining relationships at work and at home.

      She worked as a consultant for multiple Fortune 500 companies for over 30 years, coaching leaders in relationship and communication skills to build strong connections within their teams and their clients.

      For the last 10 years, Marilyn has drawn on all her skills in communication, leadership, and transformation to empower her clients with the knowledge she’s gained about how to create deeper connections with the people who matter most